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AlpacaJoy of Maryland is a home based family business. We lovingly raise beautiful huacaya alpacas and create useable products from the soft fluffy fleece that we shear from them each spring. The shearing makes them comfortable for the hot summer months and by late fall, they have grown back a warm sweater. By midwinter the alpacas have grown a dense coat of insulating fleece that keeps them toasty warm even if they choose to sleep outside during a snowstorm. Huacaya alpaca fleece is soft and warm, and when cleaned and spun up, makes a very lofty, squishy, yummy yarn.

We offer ongoing mentoring for our new alpaca owners and free breedings to any of our fully owned males for females purchased from us. We are available for any questions or concerns regarding our fleece and fiber products and even try our best to match up any of our "one of a kind" yarn in a pinch. 

Jammin' Yarn and Fibers


Jammin' Yarn and Fibers is all about color on more than just alpaca fiber. Here you will find colors that make your heart sing. Colorways come and go quickly so keep an eye on the shop and don't miss out. 

If you have a special colorway in mind, we will dye your colors on any of our beautiful soft, squishy yarn bases at the same price as our pre dyed yarns! No extra charge for custom dyeing. 

We will not copy or match any other indie dyed yarn but will create a beautiful unique colorway just for you. All you need is to do is send a color scheme that you love - from a picture or color palate - and be available by email or text to approve the colors during the dyeing process.

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How we got started


Almost 10 years ago I saw a picture of people walking with alpacas. I was intrigued with these beautiful creatures and had to figure out a way to have them in my life. There were lots of alpaca shows at that time and I went to as many as I could to learn about alpacas and just to gaze longingly at them. I found a few farms that welcomed visitors and took my husband on an "alpaca vacation". We drove between Maryland and upstate New York visiting farms, looking at their set up, asking about specific needs and routine care of alpacas. One female alpaca took a shine to my husband and after she rubbed her head and neck on him and hummed at him he decided that alpacas wouldn't be too bad to have around.

We purchased 2 pregnant females Camessa and Brilliante and Brilli's cria. They boarded at the farm until we had things set up at home and we were able to bring them home by 2007. By that time the herd had grown to 6. We have purchased a few females along the way to add to our bloodlines and our top herd count was 34. We have rehomed a few and sold a few more and a few live at other farms just for fun. They come home for breedings or shearing and most hop right into the car for the ride. It is really fun to go through a drive through window with an alpaca sitting between the front seats looking out the windshield. Our alpacas attend festivals, go to birthday parties, walk in parades, visit nursing homes and entertain visitors to our farm. We have had a blast with these smart, funny, sweet animals in the past 10 years and couldn't imagine life without them.

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