Welcome to our farm

AlpacaJoy of Maryland is a home based family business. We lovingly raise beautiful huacaya alpacas and create useable products from the soft fluffy fleece that we shear from them each spring. The shearing makes them comfortable for the hot summer months and by late fall, they have grown back a warm sweater. By midwinter the alpacas have grown a dense coat of insulating fleece that keeps them toasty warm even if they choose to sleep outside during a snowstorm. Huacaya alpaca fleece is soft and warm, and when cleaned and spun up, makes a very lofty, squishy, yummy yarn.
Our alpacas have a wide range of colors in their coats which makes for a unique  
appearance in the finished product. We have very few white animals and do supplement our yarn supply with other fine fibers and fleece to create our dyed yarn. 100% alpaca yarn is available in colors ranging from true black to beige with all ranges of fawn, silver gray and rose gray in between. Our dyed yarns are usually one (or 2) of a kind, non reproducible colorways. Custom orders are welcome at no extra charge, just a little patience as the order will take longer to ship with the dyeing, drying and finishing time required. We offer hand spun and mill spun yarn; rovings, felt, batts, rolags, (dyed and undyed), blends with different varieties of sheep wool, silk, bamboo, sparkle add-ins and lots of 100% alpaca - from raw fleece to finished products. Our finished products include hats, scarves, shawls, mittens, gloves, socks , boot liners and dryer balls.
We also offer breedings to our finest males and have sweet friendly alpacas that we sell but only after the new owners are fully screened and their home environment is found to be suitable and safe for alpacas. We offer ongoing support and are available for any questions regarding herd health and other unexpected issues that come up when you own livestock.

Great Customer Support

Customer support is only a text or phone call away.

Your colors on any of our beautiful soft, squishy yarn bases at the same price as our pre dyed yarns! No extra charge for custom dyeing. 

We will not copy or match any other indie dyed yarn but will create a beautiful unique colorway just for you. All you need is to do is send a color scheme that you love - from a picture or color palate - and be available by email or text to approve the colors during the dyeing process.

We offer ongoing mentoring for our new alpaca owners and free breedings to any of our fully owned males for females purchased from us. We are available for any questions or concerns regarding our fleece and fiber products and even try our best to match up any of our "one of a kind" yarn in a pinch.

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