• NEAFP Alpaca Fingerless Gloves


    Each year we send a portion of our fleece clip to the New England Fiber Pool. NEAFP creates alpaca garments and yarn all year long and we buy back "Made in the USA" alpaca garments to sell at festivals that we attend with our alpacas.

    These fingerless gloves are our most popular alpaca product. They keep your hands toasty warm while allowing you to continue to do tasks that require manual dexterity such as texting, typing or knitting.

    Depending on current stock, they may be available in SM/M/LG in white, fawn, brown and occasionally, hand dyed OOAK dyed with the same acid dyes used in our indie dyed yarn. Accepting special orders of indie dyed fingerless gloves depends on availability of white gloves from NEAFP.