Lotion Bars


Lotion bars are made from Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Beeswax. The lotion bars melt slowly with the heat of your hands and last longer then you would think. They do not melt at room temperature and can sit out by your sink or on your desk so that you can keep your hands soft this winter without bulky bottles of lotion to carry around.  Great stocking stuffers or office mate gifts.

Most have added fragrance and a few have Mica for sparkle and a hint of color. In-stock fragrances include Honeysuckle,  Cherry Almond, Vanilla, Lavender and unscented which smells lightly of honey and beeswax.

Each little package weighs approx 1/2 oz. 

Made to order, or grab bag style of in-stock lotion bars if you only have a preference for scent.