• Custom Puni Style Rolags


    Rolags are created by loading a blending board with layers of alpaca fleece, merino, BFL and/or other fine fleece and layers of "add-ins" - bamboo, stellina, black gold, angelina, silk, and other pretties. The fiber is brushed into the carding cloth, then removed by rolling the entire batt onto wooden dowels while pulling to blend the fibers into a beautiful "ready-to-spin" rolls of color. The tighter wound rolls are called Puni Style Rolags. The process of creating rolags is fun and so is the spinning of rolags. The resulting yarn is always a surprise in the way the colors blend - different spinning techniques can produce very different results.

    Rolags are also used in nuno felting, needle felting, embellishing and other creative fiber art endeavors.

    Custom rolags can be created just for you using any color of our alpaca fleece and add-ins in the color of your choosing. Custom puni style rolags are priced per ounce. Call or message for more information. 301-807-9204